FramWat Technical Meeting 


 The Technical Meeting took place on 14th and 15th of February 2018 in Bratislava in the Meteorological Institute. The 20 participants of the meeting are responsible for work carried out within three thematic Work Packages (WP). The main goal of the meeting was to present the current results of the project, explain the urgent problems and plan further actions.

 The agenda for the first day included recapping on the scope of the three thematic WPs. The discussion focused on current tasks such as developing the GIS tools, Concept Plan, Static and Dynamic tools and the Decision Support System.

 On the second day different models were presented (SWAT, HEC-RAS, RiverFlow 2D). They are proposed as modeling tools in pilot catchments and a discussion was carried out on their pros and cons. Each partner presented results from the identification of the main problems in the pilot catchment, their causes and possibilities of solving these issues with the use of N(S)WRM. Emphasis was placed on the need to prepare data for the GIS Tools and the necessity of choosing a mathematical model. It was concluded that the work on the Concept Plan and conducting talks with the Regional Water Authorities needs to accelerate.

 In addition, a training course for project partners was scheduled for 16-18 May in Warsaw in WULS. During this course the GIS Tools will be tested for identifying water retention needs and the same suitable location for N(S)WRM development.

Find below a link to the agenda (the rest of the content will also be uploaded once ready):

- Agenda