Presenting FramWat during Goljevšček Memorial Day


On 29 March 2018, the Department of Environmental Civil Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, in collaboration with the Institute for Hydraulic Research, hosted the 37th Goljevšček Memorial Day which is an annual event dedicated to the memory of Mr. Milovan Goljevšček, one of the pioneers of hydrotechnical engineering in Slovenia. At the event, the experts from both hosting departments share their most important achievements of the previous year and present their current projects. This year, 12 interesting presentations were introduced, covering different aspects of hydrotechnical engineering (e.g., urban farming, storm water management, hydrological and hydraulic modelling, etc.). 64 participants attended the event, not just from both hosting institutions, but also from national public authorities, sectoral agencies, different engineering and water management companies, as well as higher education and research institutions. During the event, we promoted the FramWat project by setting up a roll-up banner and distributing leaflets, containing basic introductory information about the project.