In the rural community of Boxberg O.L. in the Upper Lusatia region, a connection from all 18 districts of Boxberg to the two train stations and other services of general interest has been established on a trial basis until March 31, 2022. For this purpose, a total of 4 additional bus routes have been set up. These are departed by 2 vehicles every Tuesday. It was particularly important to keep the travel times short. The citizens can thus reach the train stations that offer a connection to Görlitz and Hoyerswerda. From there, the TEN-T corridor hubs of Leipzig and Dresden can be reached directly. Furthermore, the connection offers citizens the opportunity to reach the services of general interest that are only available in the main village of Boxberg O.L., such as a bank branch, butcher, supermarket, hairdresser and the municipal administration. The pilot action will be evaluated. The Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development, the Saxon State Office for Roads and Transport, the Görlitz District Office and the Boxberg municipal administration hope that the evaluation will provide new insights into the actual transport needs in the region and plan to take these into account in the new bus concessions to be awarded from the end of 2022.