Second Transnational Partner Meeting in Bologna


Fondazione Villa Ghigi hosted HICAPS - HIstorical CAstle ParkS second partner meeting which took place on 7th and 8th of November 2017 in Bologna, Italy. The meeting was attended by representatives of all ten partner organizations from countries of Slovenia, Italy, Poland and Croatia.

During a two-day meeting in a pleasant and working atmosphere, WP leaders presented an overview on progress made so far within work packages. The WP leader Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship presented the main activities and results of WPT1, the WP leader Fondazione Villa Ghigi presented the main activities and deliverables of the WP2 including the time table for the next period. WP leader Mala filozofija presented an overview on WP Communication, and Lead partner Municipality of Velenje illustrated in details formal and administrative issues concerning project management and reporting. They also presented the questionnaires and tools for further monitoring and evaluation.

Each section of the meeting was concluded with the agreement of further activities and steps to be taken in the coming months of the project.

The host of the meeting, Fondazione Villa Ghigi organized a short tour to the site visit of the project area in Bologna, since the meeting actually took place right there.

So what went on for two days in a row?

Together with all our partners, during our two-day meeting, we shared ideas and information, we exchanged experiences and planned further steps to ensure a fruitful mutual cooperation and ultimately have successful project!