“Parks and playgrounds are the soul of a city.” 
Marty Rubin


Walking around the park, have you ever wondered why some of the parks and their buildings get to be so neglected? Why so beautiful places do not reveal their full potential? What is their true story behind the “curtain”?

Well, we have! And not only that, we thought about how to make them as much accessible to all people who want to learn something about them and in them!

We invite you to be one of those people and become a part of our HICAPS project! So come on and check us out!

What we did?

HICAPS project has built 8 different concepts on how to revitalize 8 different castle parks. By building different interactive contents and by developing tools, our aim was to enrich park spaces and turn them into a place for spending time in, socializing in nature, interaction, a places for educational workshops, game, ect. Simply put, the idea was to renovate the space for renovation of community! Also, we have developed a set of guidelines that will show how we achieved our mission and in a long term help someone else who wants to follow our example and do something similar in their own community.

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End of the project


What have we done during the course of our project? 

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All the articles, news, and events that have occurred during the project, you can find in our, now inactive, News Archive. 

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work packages and outputs

work package 1

Development of strategy and actions plans on evaluation of cultural heritage

This work package focuses on developing documents that are going to be valuable asset not only to our project, but to all future potential beneficiaries.

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work package 2

Tool development and consensus building

In this part of the project our activities are focused on developing practical information and tools that can be an inspiration for you to bring some new, interesting and educational content to your park.      

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work package 3

Revitalization of concepts and test of outputs on pilot sites

All our effort will come together at a final phase of the project when we are planning to revitalize eight different parks, all with different concepts.

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In our HICAPS catalogue, we have compiled all the information relevant for our project.

Want to learn why historical parks are important? Want to read about our pilot sites? Want to study how you can use our outputs for your benefit?

View and freely download our Catalogue here, in:

Croatian, Italian, Polish, and Slovenian language!

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