Work package T1 - Development of strategy and actions plans
on evaluation of cultural heritage

Within this work package partnership will develop transnational strategy on evaluation of cultural heritage and potentials of historical parks. Document will empower the local and regional authorities with effective tools for planning and further investment process. Also, partners will elaborate and adopt concrete local action plans that are going to be based on developed strategy.

Main outputs that are going to be achieved in this part of the project is the development of Concept of transnational strategy, development of Transnational strategy and development and adoption of Local action plans. Maybe it sounds a bit confusing?! No problem, check below the explanation! 

Concept of Transnational Strategy

Concept of transnational strategy firstly will focus on different national legislations and regulations in partner countries that need to be considered. Also it will give examples gathered by partners of other transnational best practices which proved to be good and useful and can help us to better implement our ideas in the project. Already here suggestions are going to be made on which organisations, bodies, stakeholders to include in revitalisation process.

Transnational Strategy

Ultimately we will produce a strategy that will be a valuable asset to all those who in the future want to do something similar or at least need some guidance about the revitalization process of historical parks. More precise, strategy will give suggestions on which organisations, bodies, stakeholders to include in revitalisation process and which aspects are important for management of historical castle parks. Also it will focus on different technical, organisational and financial aspects of revitalization process as well as accessibility. Strategy will include recommendations, results and knowledge about developed tools and results gathered at the arears where it’s going to be implemented.

Local Action Plans

Local action plans regarding historical parks is going to explain historical, social and economic aspects of areas in the parks that are selected for the revitalization. It will be elaborated trough the project with help of local stakeholders and will implement all conclusions of Transnational strategy and workshops. It will include all measures already implemented or to be implemented with a short-, mid- and long-term perspective.