Work package T3 - Revitalization concepts and test of outputs on pilot sites

In the final phase of our project, following the developed plans, we will revitalize 8 different parks, thus improving benefits for the citizens and for the public administrations involved. Our goal is to enrich the selected castle parks with contents that will encourage people to spend more quality time in them and make them spaces accessible to all.

Main outputs in the final part of the project are 8 local revitalisation concepts 8 different revitalised historical parks in 4 different countries. See below explanation!

8 local revitalization concepts for identified historical arears

Development of 8 local revitalization concepts are going to be the basis for implementation process of revitalization. They will take into account already gained knowledge as well as different maintenance and management issues. Concepts will also point out most suitable ways of deliverables to be implemented on pilot sites.

8 revitalized historical parks

Summarized under one name we are talking about 8 different revitalised parks that will follow detailed plan which will cover technical, visual and investment specification.

Parks in Slovenia:

Revitalized historical park around Velenje castle will put specific focus on people with visual disabilities, making the park more accessible to all. Revitalized historical park Turnišče in Ptuj will put special focus on establishment of educational trail for general public with thematic focus on zoological and botanical flora species.

Parks in Italy:

Revitalized historical park in Bologna will implement educational concepts for families, about the historical park, proposing unusual points of view, far from traditional ways of learning. Revitalized Linear Park of the Este Walls in Ferrara will establish outdoor trail focusing on accessibility criteria for all through the provision of didactic signs and use of IT, promoting thus tangible and intangible history of park.

Parks in Croatia:

Revitalized historical park in Varaždin will put special focus on adaptation of the park for people with physical disabilities. Revitalized historical park around the Castle of Gornja Bedekovčina will put special focus on establishment of educational trail for young/school generation with thematic focus on presentation of botanical flora species. 

Parks in Poland:

Trough development of electronic 3D visualization model of historical park area in Kujawsko - Pomorskie region, tool for self-evaluation process will be tested. Model will implement historical facts and will have promotional and educational dimension. Revitalized historical park in Rzesowski, Poland, will put special focus on establishment of outdoor trail. Park will present historical - sociological topics for general public.