Work package T2 - Tool development and consensus building

Within this work package a set of guidelines, practical information and training material is developed and presented to the potential beneficiaries. It is going to be very valuable material especially for the future similar projects that will follow our example.

Main outputs in this part of the project are: Decision support tool, Educational outdoor and Handbook on Landscape accessible for all. Clarification follows in the text below! 

Decision Support Tool

This output provides guidelines for the process of self-evaluation and use of cultural heritage as a resource for possible development. It addresses the stakeholders of HICAPS partner cities and regions interested in implementing the methods, strategies and tool designed by the project. It is also dedicated to the managers of other historical gardens and parks, and the public decision makers of the Central Europe countries who intend to know more about the actions and efforts necessary to replicate this experience.

For this reason, the document presents the current achievements of HICAPS, and provides the people interested in implementing the project’s result and exploiting the potential of historical castle gardens in Central Europe with a practical instrument able to guide them in the identification of the key elements to be considered when developing the strategy to preserve, revitalise and exploit the natural and cultural heritage present in historical parks The Tool also provides a set of good practices coming from the lesson learnt by the HICAPS project, made available of the whole Central Europe community.

Due to large scale of the document, you can view it in your browser in PDF format, by clicking here, or, for full interactive experience, you can download it freely in ePub format (note: for viewing ePub files on your device, proper viewing program is necessary), and explore it on your computer, by clicking here