Bringing knowledge about co-creation to public audience

Co-creation as an effective method of homecare solution development is at the centre of HoCare2.0 project activities. Besides building up the Co-creation labs, neworks of quadruple-helix actors in territorial ecosystems, developing Tools how to use this method and testing it in pilots across 6 European countries, the main aim is to further raise awareness and share knowledge about the co-creation concept and the Co-Creation labs.

To promote the new methodology and process of co-creation applied in the project by innovative SMEs and public service providers, roadshows were organized in each of the territories with a broad audience of participants from various public service providers, SMEs, academia, NGOs or public bodies.

In total, 24 stops of the roadshows were organized. In some cases, participants met in person but several times, the event was held virtually due to pandemic situation. During all the events, step-by-step guidance on how to apply the co-creation approach was provided. Further, SMEs and Public service providers were invited to take part in workshops to get familiar with real examples of homecare solution development using co-creation. After the roadshows, several participants showed interest in using co-creation and become part of the Co-creation labs so they engaged in bilateral meetings with project partner representatives or members of Co-creation labs.

A number of around 900 participants of all roadshows indicates that the concept of co-creation can be adopted on a broader scale.