Co-creation process as a way of delivery of innovative products and services for home care 

The European population is ageing and it makes the “Silver Economy” one of the fastest-growing economic domains. This trend creates demand for technological products or services that will be used primarily by the elderly and their carers. The co-creation process makes the delivery and deployment much easier. Come and learn about the process and innovative products and services.

Did you know that by 2060, every third European will be older than 65 years? It makes the “Silver Economy” one of the fastest-growing economic domains. Currently, there are plenty of products for seniors and their carers but that often comes with one major disadvantage. Seniors don’t know how to use these technologies.

 Why co-creation?

Co-creation process in general refers to a product or service design process where inputs from end-users play a central role. Moreover, it ensures great results, far beyond the scope of what one organization or a person can do alone. In the case of co-creation in home care, we are talking about seniors and their carers being involved.

Seniors are invited into Focus groups together with SMEs, Public service providers and Academia representatives to design, improve and immediately give feedback on the product or service functionality. This kind of involvement assures that the final result will be easily implemented and accepted by the end-users.

 Pilot testing phase

Project HoCare2.0 supports the creation of innovative home care services and products. The project brings together 11 partners with the common goal to empower elderly, their families and carers.“Currently, we are in the piloting phase with SMEs and Public service providers.

These Pilot tests are currently running simultaneously in 6 European countries including SMEs for delivery of innovative products; and Public Service Providers for delivery of new services.