HoCare2.0 SME and Public Services Co-creation Pilot Studies

Both Pilot Studies cover 20 Pilot actions which have been carried out by SMEs and Public service providers in 6 countries. The aim is to show the co-creation process in detail and benefits for intended product and service development in the area of homecare and thus to raise interest in the method.

The HoCare2.0 SME Co-creation Pilot Study includes an overview of the pilot process in general with indication of main steps, as well as key facts about the 13 SME Pilots. Further, feedback from SMEs and end-users is included. The Pilot Study is concluded with a summary of key findings related to various factors of the co-creation process.

The HoCare2.0 Public service Co-creation Pilot Study focuses on 7 Pilots performed by Public service providers in participating territories. Similar to the first Study, it includes an outline of the pilot process as well as facts about the individual pilot actions, feedback from participants and information about policy deployment. Key learnings from the Pilots are presented as well as notes on transregional monitoring.

Download the HoCare2.0 SME Co-creation Pilot Study.

Download the HoCare2.0 Public services Co-creation Pilot Study.