INFOTHERMA 2020 exhibition in Ostrava

VŠB-TU Ostrava, together with 5 other countries (D, PL, HU, CR, SL), is part of a very interesting project Interreg Central Europe - which deals with promoting sustainable use of renewable resources by their efficiency in “RURES” regions.


Just in January we managed to hold a working meeting on the occasion of the Infotherma exhibition, the participants of the seminar were acquainted with interesting outputs (installations and on-line value calculator).

High international (participants from at least 5 countries) as well as national participation from industry partners and potential users, the subsequent discussion between the participants confirmed the necessity to hold similar meetings, especially with regard to the possibility of using the principles of good practice. “We like to participate in interesting activities, where there is a close exchange of information between the business and research sectors. If it is still international, the better ”says Jan Skipala from KHK MSk.


Currently, 5 sample installations are being carried out under the project and a lot of information is shared with users online