The pilot project to be carried out by aMo within the European RegiaMobil Project represents an evolution of what has been achieved in the RUMOBIL Project but from a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) perspective.

The intention is to integrate the DRT public transport services, which by their nature are typically not integrated in travel planning activities, with other modalities such as ordinary public transport on buses, rail transport and also other modalities collateral to public transport such as electric bike or scooters rental.

The idea behind the aMo pilot project is therefore to expand the functions and use of the app that was developed in the RUMOBIL Project, thus making it a travel planning tool that does not focus only at the on-demand services but also able will be able to provide information on mobility services connected to DRT services.

On the practical side, the RegiaMobil pilot project will concretize it in the production of a new app that will allow to verify of an innovative approach to MaaS by connecting it to DRT services, exploiting the contents of the previous app that allowed to provide information in real time even on on-demand services which, due to the way they are structured, normally do not lend themselves to being included in a travel planning logic.

The pilot project will take place in the same context where the RUMOBIL Project took place and that is the city of Castelfranco Emilia, focusing at the railway station which is located on the main Italian line connecting Milan to Rome.