Identification and cataloguing of Intangible Cultural Heritage

The first thing a local community needs to do is to become open for its heritage because it’s a valuable asset of CE regions, due to their rich history of arts, religions, people.

The identification and cataloguing of Intangible Cultural Heritage was one of the first steps in the project. For identification ICHs, we are using the CCC valorization cycle. It’s important to gain in-depth-information about top, develop perspectives and vision and define the SWOTs. Furthermore, we are preparing a concept and describing the possibilities, opportunities of involvement of all relevant actions, stakeholders and strategic partners. Using synergies, learning from each other, developing networks are important elements of this process.

Financing ICH projects is often a crucial moment, therefore ARTISTIC team is trying to invite and involve public and private financial partners to support the project ideas and identifying financial instruments to guarantee sustainability.

CCC methodology
ICH capital model