InNow Project

Matchmaking Acceleration

Matchmaking Acceleration

While WP1 and WP2 were designed for less mature companies entering the Programme (participating in business training and events in WP1) and being engaged on the lower levels (participating in training and matchmaking events in WP2), WP3 is the next step and requires deep engagement from all participating companies. 

The aim of the WP3 is to design and pilot InNOW Matchmaking Acceleration Programmes for startups/SMEs and large companies collaboration enhancement. 

Stronger and more formalised interaction between forward-thinking LC-s and startups has great potential to create substantial value for all parties involved.  Additionally, such programmes can then be used also after the end of this project.

In this WP, the programmes will be designed around 5 LC-s from partner countries (associated partners) and cleantech startups/SMEs. 

Programmes are open for startups/SMEs across the borders, as the country borders should not limit the market.  

Programmes will be piloted 2 times in each partner country. The overall aim of the package however, is to develop a Matchmaking Acceleration programme that can be transferable to other business support organisations, including InnoEnergy's other hubs.