Cooperation is central

Policy making and stakeholder involvement

InduCCI is all about creating levers for industrial and cultural innovation and bringing these to the attention of policy makers and stakeholders. We aim at increasing the lever power, also after the project end. For doing so  we are proud to have gathered and reached a broad network of stakeholders during focus group meetings and national dissemination events. Together with them we bring strong policy messages towards the regional and national decision makers.

Focus group meeting & policy papers presented for adoption

The Economic Development Corporation of the City of Chemnitz had their 5th focus group meeting in the “Straßenbahnmuseum Chemnitz” a future ECoC location (and location for the upcoming Days of Industrial Heritage from Sept. 17th -19th). They discussed their regional policy paper with the focus group in the setup of a press conference to see how their topics stand the “fire” of a public hearing.
The discussion turned out to be very viable and productive for the finishing work of their strategy that will be presented as one of the main topics at the national dissemination event on September 29th in Plauen.

Stebo vzw presented the results of the InduCCI test cases to their focus group. At the end of the day new cooperations were set up and plans made to implement our policy recommendations in their own work and spread it in the Limburg network. We would like to thank all participants for their engagement in our project the last years, and we look forward to cooperating in future activities!

National dissemination event

The Regional Association of Cultural and Creative Industries in cooperation with the Kreative Deutschland invited nationwide representatives of CCI, the industrial sector as well as administrative staff to join their InduCCI Regional Dissemination Event.
Participants listened to lightning (cross-innovation) projects made in Chemnitz, exchanged about the future of the city of Chemnitz as Capital of Culture 2025 and spoke about strategies that bring the CCI and traditional industry into contact with each other in a sustainable and lasting way.