Brainstorming on CCI landscapes

Focus Groups

We are in the year 2022, what does your region look like and which transformations have taken place since the InduCCI project? 

In all InduCCI regions stakeholders participated in brainstorm sessions and think tanks, jointly describing a future in which CCIs have settled down in industrial regions in close cooperations with companies and the community! Welcome on board to all stakeholders and thanks for your engagement!

Main goals of the meetings were:

- What do we understand with CCI? Are we involved in CCI personally or at work? Do we have any experience with CCI? 

- Describing the (future) CCI landscape: which initiatives (best practices, tools, trainings, projects) have already been set up? Who was/is in charge? What were the success factors?

- Listing chances and potential initiatives: where are the hiatuses (both in policies, as in actual offers)? How can we support in filling in those gaps during the project?

- Cooperation for our pilot actions: are there interesting links with running projects or ideas of participants? Can we set up new cooperation to develop and implement our own pilot actions?

Participants represented a diverse stakeholder network (agencies, companies, museums, think tanks, policy makers, CCI,...) and were invited to cooperate in defining our next steps and actions.