Inland Waterways for the 21st century, Prague (Czech Republic)

The conference was organized by the Directorate of Waterways of the Czech Republic with the participation of European experts for inland waterways. Foreign guests included in the program, among others representatives of the Slovak Ministry of Transport and Construction and the Polish Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, i.e. those institutions which, apart from the Czech Republic, the TRANS TRITIA project's objectives are the most concerned. Pavel Santarius, representative of the PP3 of the TRANS TRITIA, presented the completed Inland Waterway Action Plan (O T2.1.). He also briefly informed about the assumptions of the entire project. The conference was also attended by Mr. Radovan Kominek, expert PP3, who was the most involved in this Action Plan development. After the presentation of the development of the Oder waterway on cross-border area were discussed. The Panel Leader - Mr. Martin Kolovratník, the Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and the Deputy-Chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs, said that this plan should be further to discussing. Also at the Forum, he promised that he would support this initiative in the Czech-Polish-Slovak cross-border area as part of parliamentary activities.