Intelligent water metering for public water system

As pilot investment related to pilot action Polish partner installed intelligent (automatic) water metering (IWM) at the water distribution system of the municipality of Pałecznica. It connects IWM in one system which will cooperate with water intake, 2 pump stations and 2 water storage tanks. On the water intake PV is installed. For full functionality of the system there was necessity to implement a network of ICT connections, which ca synchronize work of all elements of water and PV installations. The system also help with optimization of PV energy, to use it as effective as possible during filling water storage tanks. Water saving thanks to on-line (at real time) metering shall reduce around 20% of water consumption.

Pałecznica implemented the investments necessary at water intake and 2 pump stations:

  • exchange of 16 zonal water meters with fittings for electric meters with GSM readers;
  • purchased dedicated software required to data gathering, archiving, and sharing with PC/laptops/tablets/smartfons wit pre-invoices possibility – as a target software should be able to cover all 1100 meters;
  • purchased of control cabinet with intelligent system of data metering from: 2 pumps (flow efficiency: 94 m3/h each one), 180kWp PV installation, water treatment station and water storage tanks
  • purchased of 4 monitors/tablets/laptops (mobile equipment for vehicles) for data receiving and the intelligent water metering system remote control;
  • replacement of existing equipment (pressure gauges, thermometers, control equipments) from analogue into digital ones