Intermodal Transport Congress, Katowice

On 04.09.2019 Trans Tritia Representatives took part in the Intermodal Transport Congress in Katowice.
Intermodal transport has been developing in Poland for several years now. And almost all the parties agree, it is still an area of the transport market that requires many changes. The time for changes is now. Silesia as an industrial region, geographically located directly and close to the borders of our neighbours, is an ideal area for the development of the existing infrastructure. 

The first part of the Congress was the Opening Debate with the main topic "Transit significance of Poland in the global logistics chain" focused on the issues such as:
- What is the situation of intermodal transport in Poland?
- Is it possible to predict trends and directions of the development?
-What is the transit significance of Poland?
- Intermodal Transport in the Strategy of Sustainable Transport Development until 2030 - what should be improved? What has not been taken into account?
- Proper investment planning - sectoral or corridor?
- Development of Polish ports: Elblag, Gdynia, Gdansk, Szczecin, Swinoujscie.

After a short break, started the second part: "DEBATE: State aid scheme for Intermodal Transport" during which the participants and stakeholders discussed:
- Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance: Solutions functioning in other countries - learn from the mistakes of others by eliminating them
- Can "pro-ecological" solutions be an argument for increasing the scope of public aid?
- Rates of access, relief for intermodal transport - is there a chance to establish conditions in the perspective of several years?

The last part "Intermodal Transport in Poland - factors influencing its potential" was aimed to broaden the topics of:
- Location of logistics centres
- Condition of linear infrastructure
 - Local industry
- Silesia: possibilities of using the existing road, rail and inland waterway infrastructure.