Interview with Alessandra Gruppi, the
business innovation expert

Alessandra Gruppi is the business innovation expert that led the pilot action to test with
SMEs the effectiveness of THINGS+ Service Innovation Methodology in Friuli Venezia Giulia,
Italy. She took part to the train-the-trainers in Ljubljana and together with Friuli Innovazione
tutors delivered the end-users workshops and supported 13 manufacturing companies in
implementing their servitization pilot projects.

What is the ideal ratio between providing products and services to customers for a

Servitization is a competitive choice and as such, the ideal percentage is tied, on one
side, on how much the target market would value and hence ideally pay the service
implicit in the offer and, on the other side, on the financial and managerial capacity of
the company to manage, in full or in part, a service productive process.

At what stage in its development should a company look into servitization?

In a startup phase, it could represent the core of the business model. In a development
phase, it could be the element of competitive advantage that allows to gain new market
spaces. In a maturity phase or decline, it could be the element allowing business survival.

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