Brownfield revitalisation strategy after remediation activities

Isw, the Institute for Structural Policy and Economic Development, focused its Pilot Action on the area of Halle-Ammendorf.

  • Characteristics of the area:
    • Halle-Ammendorf (407 ha) is a former industrial site: lignite mining, chemical industry and mechanical engineering
    • Brownfields are all in private ownership
    • Of the 37 brownfields identified in the first step, 11 were finally selected for potential development

  • Main issues/problems:
    • Transition process after German unification: privatisation & closure of companies – many brownfields as left over
    • For many brownfields a lot of information is missing
    • Contact and cooperation with owners is at low level
    • There is little knowledge about the real barriers for development and what needs to be done for the redevelopment
    • Very little development area in the city – increasing demand from investor
    • No holistic concept for the development of area (industry/housing) 

  • Needs and Goals:
    City administration wants to promote revitalisation and improve the site marketability, considering environmental aspects (e.g. reduction of space utilisation, unsealing), categorisation of sites according to specific criteria, identification of positive and adverse determinants for site marketability. 

  • Activities, achivements and results:
    Isw developed a brownfield revitalisation strategy for the urban sites located in Halle Ammendorf improving both the environmental management process and the marketability of the sites, that is strongly linked to environmental aspects (e.g. reduction of space utilisation, unsealing). Isw developed a methodology to categorize brownfields sites according to specific criteria and to identify positive and adverse determinants for site marketability. The analisys was applied to 11 of the 37 sites in Halle Ammendorf, but the result is ,a common and transferable methodology for strategic area management in the City of Halle This methodology will increase the capacity of public stakeholders to plan and implement activities for brownfield regeneration in Halle.

    As final step, recommendations for the City of Halle in terms of actions to be carried on in order to improve the administrative processes in brownfield management were drafted.

  • Involvement of stakeholders:
    Intensive cooperation with the city administration (Economic Promotion, Urban Planning, Environment),  Regional Agency for Brownfield Remediation, Regional Administration Agency (Responsible Environmental Authority), owners of the brownfields, and civil society.

    Pilot Action Report