Local event for the promotion of Transnational Crowdfunding Community in Venice 

On 22 May, 2019 the Local Event for the Promotion of Transnational Crowdfunding Community in Venice was organized in Veneto Region Fondamenta, Venice.


During the meeting, the most important and the most valuable aspects have been discussed. These aspects were:

1) The Artistic Project, the Crowdfunding and the enhancement of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), the transnational Crowdfunding community;

2) the introduction to crowdfunding, where the idea of crowdfunding, its meaning and types have been presented;

3) financial sustainability of a business project to be lunched in crowdfunding platform (Business plan and Risk analysis);

4) During the "Round table" workshop, all participants had a chance to discuss local/national situation of crowdfunding experiences and discuss some clues for further actions.