The meeting took place in SiTI premises for the first day and in Città Metropolitana for the second and third days. More than 30 participants took part in the meeting. After the welcome speech by Matteo Tabasso, the works started with the training seminar on interactive tools for citizen involvement. Stefano Pensa, from SiTI, explained the functionalities and opportunities offered by the Interactive Visualization Tool “InViTo”, and involved participants in a practical session on how to use and adapt it to the different FUAs. A user manual was distributed.

The second day was opened by a second training seminar, led by Justyna Gorgon from IETU, about Reduction of land use conflicts. Each country was invited to identify land use conflicts in its FUA, and then classify it according to the given framework and start proposing methods for conflicts resolution, based on a toolbox previously proposed by the trainer.

The morning was closed by a second session of the training seminar on LUMAT tools, with the presentation of a grid to evaluate LUMAT identified soil threats, proposed by the German partner.

In the afternoon, a trip to Chieri was organised: first with a visit to MUNLAB, a clay museum, laboratory and production site - one of the areas of interest of Torino FUA -, where partners could appreciate how an underused brownfield can be reconverted into a green space with cultural and educational value. Then the LUMAT team moved to Chieri town hall, where the Italian action plan and pilot area were presented.

The last day of the meeting was devoted to partners’ presentations of Action plan advancements (WP T2) and Pilot areas (WP T3). Then the Project Steering Committee took place: the project leader, Anna Starzewska, presented current issues concerning the project management, inviting partners to be prepared for the upcoming Midterm review Report (end of January). Later SiTI updated partners about communication indicators, target groups and actions to be taken in order to reach the expected results. The next phase of LUMAT will see a considerable increase in citizens and professionals involvement, thanks to workshops, public conferences and the use of the proposed tools. A survey on participants satisfaction to be distributed in every local event was finally presented

The next project partners meeting will be hosted by the Austrian partner in the end of January 2018.