District of Voitsberg - Graz: a workshop with decision-makers


A workshop with the local policy- and decision makers took place on 04/04/2017 in Voitsberg (AT) focusing on the forthcoming LUMAT activities in the region.

The participants were the mayors and the heads of administration of the cities Bärnbach, Köflach, Voitsberg, Rosental and Maria Lankowitz as well the chamber of commerce, the regional labour-market administration and regional development agencies. Also 2 regional media representatives joined this event.

The aim of the workshop was to present the running activities, the concept of the "Functional Urban Area" (FUA) and the steps for the development of the specific integrated FUA plan for the region. Especially the cooperation between the municipalities regarding the action plan for the harmonization of the city and the hinterland (district of Voitsberg / Graz) - combine these two areas into one functional urban area. The improvement of the city/urban-hinterland cooperation means a very important issue for the region.

In an active session the participants of the workshop were invited to present and discus ideas for the pilot action.