Project Meeting in Bratislava and Trnava


Meeting started with  the Project Steering Committee meeting and discussion on the  current issues of the project management, communication issues and  project reporting. Participants reported the situation with the FLC certification in the partner countries, communication issues have been reported by Matteo Tabasso from PP4 SiTI and the project leader Ms. Anna Starzewska-Sikorska summarized all the main points concerning smooth running of the project. 

The meeting has been devoted to WPT1”Methodology, Trainings and Common Understanding of Land Use in Integrated Environmental management” and to  WPT2 “Urban/Peri-Urban Action Plans, Strategies and Tools” issues.

In the frame of WPT1, the key issue was  training seminars. First training seminar focused on ecosystem services approach to planning and designing urban areas that has been prepared by PP7 (STUBA, SK). Prof. Maroš Finka explained the approach to  ecosystem services in the field of land-use planning and  management and during the interactive workshops this approach has been trained with the participants under supervision of the PP7. The whole session has been summarized  in the discussion on the possible approaches basing on partners’ experience and visions.  Second part of training has been focused on FUAs identity. Prof. Justyna Gorgoń from IETU presented the approach to FUA in the respective LUMAT countries, based on deliverable D.T1.1 “Transnational Report on Policy Framework related to FUAs” and then interactive workshop and training seminar has started, where the main features of FUA have been explained and précised in the interactive workshop. Conclusions on further steps in building FUAs identity have been summarized at the end of the session. 

Part of the meeting was visiting the pilot site in Trnava. Ing. arch. Tomáš Guniš gave presentation on Trnava city development and the need of greenery for the city future development. Therefore the pilot area Trnava-Štrky as Trnava investment project planned within the LUMAT project is focused on green park development for recreation in the FUA area of Trnava city.  This approach was also highly appreciated by  Mayor of Trnava, Mr. Peter Bročko during our welcome meeting at the Local Council of Trnava. 

In the WPT2 session Bernd Siemer as representative of PP3 explained transnational concept of action plans and opened discussion on  transnational format  of action plans with the focus on enhancing integrated environmental management 

In the ending session of the meeting Ms. Anna Starzewska-Sikorska presented the next steps and deadlines of the LUMAT project  and agreed the dates of the next LUMAT project meeting in Torino, Italy  25-26 September 2017.