First public hearing concerning the investment in Ruda Śląska in the framework of the LUMAT project


The meeting took place in Ruda Śląska in the Elementary School no. 4 located in the vicinity of the investment site. The meeting was devoted to initial information of the inhabitants about the planned investment and particularly to the necessary changes of the location of garages situated in the neighbourhood of the site.

The meeting was chaired by the City Deputy Mayor Mr. Michał Pierończyk, who has introduced shortly the idea of the investment. Then dr Anna Starzewska-Sikorska has presented shortly the LUMAT project itself and after this presentation Mr. Michał Adamczyk from Ruda Śląska City Hall has described generally the idea of the regeneration of the post-industrial brownfield. The presented concept included the general outline of the activities that have to be undertaken to implement the idea of creating a new recreation area in the centre of the city.

Then the discussion started during which people wanted to know if the material from the dumping site will be removed or not and whether after the regeneration the site will be safe from the environmental and health point of view.

After the discussion it was announced that the next meeting concerning more details on the investment framework will take place in December when the author of the technical documentation will be selected. Then the inhabitants will have an opportunity to express their ideas and wishes on the project.