Workshop on the Action Plan for Brownfields Revitalisation in FUA Ostrava


On 2 March 2018, the Czech partners of the LUMAT project, the Regional Development Agency, in cooperation with the IURS - Institute for Sustainable Development, organized a workshop on "Setting Up the Implementation Structures of the Action Plan for Brownfields Revitalisation in FUA Ostrava".

To reach the greatest involvement of the stakeholders the programme of the workshop was complemented by a visit to the successfully used brownfield – the Jeremenko Mine, which was founded in 1891. It is a former mine used today as a pit for the extraction of warm mine waters. The Jeremenko Mine is the only shaft in the Ostrava area, which has a mining pit in operation due to the pumping of mine water so as not to endanger the shafts in the close Karvina district. Due to the climatic conditions that prevailed at that time, it was not possible to implement the original plan, descending into the underground. Instead, a lecture was prepared for the workshop participants, followed by an excursion on the surface, including the ascent to the tower. After the excursion, a workshop followed, where all participants were acquainted with the draft of Action Plan and its individual objectives. Afterwards, the stakeholders were assigned the priorities of the individual objectives and set up the implementation structures.

The workshop was attended by a total of 28 representatives from various institutions, such as the Local Public Authority,  Regional Public Authorities, Sectoral Agencies, Higher Education and Research, SMEs, Business Support Organizations and representatives of the LUMAT partner organizations.
The aim of the workshop was fulfilled. The priorities of the action plan were discussed, set according to the highest importance and proposed responsible institutions for each area. The action plan is supported by the region, its form is acceptable and its general objectives are supported.
Another seminar to involve the public in the preparation of the pilot action - Priority map, will be held on April 10, 2018. The organizers assume the participation of about 40 participants from the general public.