M9 - MEMORIES OF 1900s

"Off to bed after Carosello!" Anyone in Italy with a few grey hairs remembers this expression that marked bedtime for Italian kids over the twenty-year period from 1957 to 1977. There are countless examples of advertising that have become part of the history of Italian costume and culture: «E che, ci ho scritto Jo Condor?» ("Why, do I have Jo Condor written on me?"), «Calimero piccolo e nero» ("Calimero, small and black"), Mr.Calindri who sips a Cynar drink in the middle of Milan’s traffic in the 60s, just to name a few. It is an enormous patrimony that risks being lost if not recovered and given a new life. This first fundraiser is needed to complete phase 1 of the project, that is to recover, digitize, restore and make visible on the web the contents of the most beautiful advertisements of Veneto companies. 

I love advertising madly but I'm not the only one. In fact, I noticed that when observing an old advertisement it is easy for everybody to feel emotionally involved. Advertising images reveal the social changes that have taken place in our daily lives and represent an important part of our historical memory: what we ate, how we dressed, what cars we drove and much more. Unfortunately, advertising is not preserved and is thrown away, only many years later we think about it and wonder … ”But what happened to them?”

I would like to use advertising produced before the 90s by companies - some of which are no longer there - to tell the role they have had in local development and attract new interest and industrial tourism through the recovery of vintage advertising images and, using new technologies, propose them in a digital version (web, video, archive, mapping). Make them available on touch screen display totems to be installed in locations such as stations, airports, waiting rooms, etc. Realize on demand publications, online business museums, and quality product lines that have advertising as their main theme.

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