Implementation of a tool for brownfield management

The Ministry of Regional Development and Transport Saxony Anhalt focused its Pilot Action on the implementation and testing of the GreenerSites web-gis Tool, a site information system with mapviewer containing relevant data and maps on the brownfiels.
The pilot site Magdeburg-Rothensee was used as reference site for test-data.

  • Activities, achievements and results: 
    The web gis tool, developed in practice by MENA GmbH, is an easy-to-use web tool planned to facilitate the on-line cooperation between public authorities and other stakeholders concerned with brownfield rehabilitation. 
    After the delivery and presentation of the web-gis tool to project partners at the end of 2017, a test phase involving local stakeholders aimed at explaining its components, the operational concept and all the steps related to its implementation and testing took place. This step was necessary to carry out the fine-tuning of the tool, on the basis of the feedback received from the technical meeting and other requirements. Three pilot training seminars with representatives from several municipal districts were also organized to build up capacity and transfer knowledge for the future use of the tool by local administrations. 
    In the meanwhile, the web-gis tool installation package was delivered to project partners, with the aim of enabling its implementation in all the GreenerSites territories.

  • Involvement of stakeholders:
    Local stakeholders involved in the tool testing phase: City of Magdeburg Planning Department,  Brownfield Authority (LAF), City of Magdeburg IT-Services (KID Magdeburg). 
    Local stakeholders addressed by the pilot seminars: City of Magdeburg: Departments of environment, business development and land register; Regional Planning Association Magdeburg, Port of Magdeburg GmbH, Land development Agency Saxony-Anhalt (Landgesellschaft mbH), Administrations of the counties of the FUA Magdeburg (Börd district, Salzland district, Jerichower Land district) and other regions of Saxony-Anhalt.

    Pilot Action Report