Medical products of spruce resin - crowdfunding campaign

Today we present you inspiring story of Smolenka Company from Czech Republic. Květa, Bára, Vojta and Vašek produce healing, natural spruce resin products and continue the tradition of their ancestors that was cultivated almost 100 years ago.

“Because we believe in our products, we enchanted the power of pure nature and we want to move on, to expand the range of products from spruce resin”. 


Today thanks to contribution of the audience,  they would like to launch new products that will help to take care of peoples health. That's why they decided to start crowdfunding campaign.

Joint this campaign and support the creation of new natural products made of spruce resin:

Their story begins with great-grandfather Alois Vošta, who was born in 1900 in a small cottage in Balková Lhota, the South Bohemia region. He lived there with his family and he learned from his mother Kateřina Voštová how to cook ointment made from spruce resin. This ointment became very popular in the surroundings because it had great proven healing effects.


Alois Vošta passed the recipe and the whole production process to his granddaughter Květuše Klacendová born Voštová, who now is continuing to tell the stories about memories of her grandfather. “I still have in live memory when I, as a small child, watched my grandfather Alois while cooking the ointment. I remember the mysterious atmosphere and smell. People from the village went to Grandpa Lojza for ointment considered as a rarity. At that time, it helped them with almost every issue they had on their body: broken knees, inflamed nails, sore teeth, cracked heels, cracked hands, backs, frostbite, cuts and other wounds of all kinds, acne or even leg ulcers and foot mold. Successfully they used ointment for animals as well. It perfectly cleaned and healed everything.”

Their miracle Spruce resin ointment is called „Smolná mast“. They also started to produce „Smolný krém“ (cream), both products are handmade and prepared only of natural ingredients including spruce resin. Their products meet the safety requirements specified in regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on cosmetic products. They have been treated with expert opinions on the health of cosmetic products for which the National Institute of Health has carried out the necessary laboratory tests. In 2015 they became part of the Association of Regional brands and their products are marked as the regional brand "TOULAVA regional Product".


The resin of coniferous trees, was from the ancient times sought-after raw material with versatile utilization, including in medicine.

The fact that the spruce resin has therapeutic effects proves also the research of Finnish physicians and scientists led by Dr. Arno Sipponen. They mainly dealt with the effect of natural treatment traditionally prepared by ointments of spruce resin to treat open and poorly healing wounds and ulcers. Compared to the classical chemical treatment of these problems, they concluded that treatment with spruce resin is more effective. Further research also confirms that spruce resin prevents mold growth and is very effective at treating mycosis (such as nails).