Meeting in Graz, Austria

Presentation of the partnership meeting in Austria.

On the 21st and 22nd January, 2019 all partners of the ARTISTIC project took partn in the Steering and Technical Committee meeting in Graz, Austria.


At the whole beginning of that 2-day meeting, Ms. Conny Weber and Ms. Daniela Adler  made a welcome speech to all partners. During that day, the Project Leader - Mr. Marco Braga - introduced the platform Entribu ( 


It is an instrument where would-be entrepreneurs can find useful information, documents, activities, comments: it is a place where one can address in order to start a business. Entribu is a platform with crowd-generated content repository functions; it allows both public or private access to resources and a precise search experience, in order to find the material that best meets the needs of the users.


In that first day of the meeting, also communication and dissemination activities for the ongoing 6-months period were presented.


During the Technical committee meeting, we had also presented rules and criterias in the subject of ongoing actions regarding local and transnational pilot actions. The explanation of the tool (ICH desk) was also presented during that meeting. It was said that the ICH desk is a local group intended to valorize the local ICH assets; it is a network of organizations, associations, cultural operators of your Region. It is necessary each ICH desk has a coordinator, who organizes the meetings, keeps the network alive, searches for contributes in terms of competences, consultants, tries to broaden the interest: they are local ICH ‘agitators’.


After 2-day session, we came back and now we're taking actions to take relevant actions regarding our project.

Thank you partners for such fruitful time. See you soon