Meetings with regional decision-makers

Recently, Trans Tritia invited regional decision-makers from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland for meetings to discuss the projects that will have an impact on the development of Tritia territory in terms of freight transport. 

Initial proposition of strategic projects was set up by all participants. On that basis further consultations with wider circle of regional authorities (regional decision-makers), which are responsible for strategic regiona development, including the field of transport, representing each Partner’s region were necessary. On the basis of the recent workshop and its results such meetings with those regional authorities were arranged:
- 28.06.2019 – Żilina, Żilina Self-Governing Region, Slovakia,
- 02.07.2019 – Katowice, Marshal’s Office of Silesian Voivodeship, Poland,
- 03.07.2019 – Ostrava, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic,
- 15.07.2019 - Opole, Marshal’s Office of Opolskie Voivodeship, Poland.

Meetings were attended by representatives of decision-makers of each region within the project area, including particular departments responsible for strategic regional development, transport, environmental and air protection, planning, economy, infrastructure, international cooperation and structural funds.
A participant of great importance was Director of EGTC Tritia, Ms Marta Slavikova, as a representative of main beneficiary of project results.

During the meetings, Project Partners presented information about the project progres, its achievements, as well as the progress of Strategy preparations. It was a great opportunity to reach wide range of interlocutors in the field of strategic projects in each region, which concern Regional Multimodal Freight Transport Strategy, that is being prepared within the project. Broad discussions on regional strategies and their goals were
carried out, including the way of linkage between presented concept of development of multimodal freight transport system and those regional strategies, taking into consideration determinants specific for each
region. Projects identified during a recent workshop were presented and discussed. Some of them were chosen from strategic documents (on regional, national level) – the decision makers were asked for update
of the list, with indication of which ones have been implemented, which one are rejected and moreover whether there are any additional projects planned for implementation, which reflect the strategic objectives.
The meetings gave the opportunity to share progress of project implementation and to get the feedback by regional decision-makers, which will result in common point of view in the field of Strategy preparation and
the whole project implementation. Information collected during and after the meetings gave the significant input into report ‘Strategic projects supporting development of freight transport on TRITIA area’.

Stay tuned for more updates!