Development of new intermodal services from and to Scandinavia

Intermodal transport chains, which are much more environmentally friendly compared to road transport, are significantly underdeveloped along the Orient/East-Med corridor. Moreover, freight flows between Central and South-East Europe are dominated by road transport.

Rostock Port is a gateway for intermodal services from and to Scandinavia. A key challenge for more intermodality is the availability of adequate transport equipment, which needs to be increased to enable the establishment of new intermodal transport chains. The investigations realised within the project raise the awareness for this issue, contributing to the promotion of more multimodality in Central and South-East European member states.

Each market study is based on comprehensive desk research, identifying potential source regions for successful new intermodal transport chains. Afterwards, results and findings were discussed with potential users and relevant market players from the operational and organisational sector. Finally, the basic structure of the logistics product was refined step by step with information on prices and lead times together with all stakeholders involved.

The analysis of different sources and market surveys as well as a large number of interviews with key players along the Orient/East-Med corridor allowed the elaboration of:

  1. The market potential (e.g. import and export volumes) for Turkey, Hungary and Romania,
  2. the design of competitive intermodal products (train concepts) for each market,
  3. the assessment of opportunities and risks of such intermodal products, as well as
  4. the selection of possible partners for follow-up market penetration and product implementation.

An online platform serves as communication tool, promoting the project results (market studies and train concepts in he format of product sheets) and thus the capabilities of the corridor. Rostock Port will maintain this website as promotion and marketing tool for intermodal services.

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