During a pilot action within the project SUBNODES the Wielkopolska Region has created an internet platform which  enables  collection, storage and sharing of data related to public mass transport.

Having the platform we are going during realization of the project RegiaMobil  to set up a real-time information and an  online journey planning . For this purpose it is necessary to modify the existing data base and add some new functionalities to it.  Public transport services are addressed to the widest possible audience. However, the final choice of passenger transport by the passenger largely determines its offer, among others: of availability, travel time, quality of rolling stock, and - being the subject of this pilot action - access to information on the connection network. The Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region is responsible for the management of public collective transport - rail and bus - in the region, if the route crosses at least 2 counties . It is necessary to analyse data from many sources to efficiently perform its duties.

While the data for rail transport analysis are standardized and made available by railway carriers, the data on bus transport is widely dispersed. In connection with the above, issuing permits for bus communication lines requires among others, agreeing on the possibility of using stops or performing analysis of conflicts concerning stop times at stops. A common base of stops, carriers and communication lines significantly improves work. Also local government units and local public transport organizers  ccould use the stored data for their purposes.