Technical University of Munich, Chair of Hydrology and River Basin Management, Germany

Project Partner 12

The Chair of Hydrology and River Basin Management is embedded in the faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. The chair was established in 2013 and is working on various topics in different internally and externally-funded projects.

The main area of responsibilities of the chair is in the fields of integrated flood and water resources management. Within these fields the focus is on the investigation and development of decentralized non-structural flood protection measures (e.g. changes in land use, soil tillage etc.) as well as on the enhancement of sustainable water resources management strategies. For this purpose the chair develops innovative planning concepts to implement catchment-specific integrated and multi-benefit water technologies with the requirement to fulfill the mostly divergent social, economic and ecological demands. In this context, physically-based distributed hydrological models and statistical analysis methods represent central elements in the process of detecting adequate measures, action and risk assessment.

As a project partner in PROLINE-CE, the chair contributes its comprehensive experiences concerning the efficiency and targeted use of different non-structural flood protection measures in the selected pilot areas. In order to identify the decisive requirements for these measures, the chair actively promotes the participation of relevant stakeholders. Based on the recognized requirements and considering the unique nature of each pilot area, the chair develops physically-based modeling approaches for selected pilot areas to quantify the efficiency of the implemented measures with the overall aim to finally ensure a sustainable water resources protection.

Contact Person: Gabriele Chiogna