PROLINE-CE project, having on board 13 partners from 7 countries in the CENTRAL EUROPE region, started its 3-year implementation in July 2016.

Arrived at the finish line, the consortium can proudly state that the project was a success, aspect which was demonstrated during the final project conference, held in June 2019.
First of all, a set of 38 measures had been selected and classified based on their significance and overall impact in the Central Europe region, regarding its most pronounced issues in various land-use categories. The testing of selected best management practices in the nine pilot areas showed that their implementation is currently still limited by economic, administrative or governance issues or even by social acceptance. Therefore, it is crucial to continue the stakeholder dialogues to foster the implementation of best management practices into daily practice and/or policy guidelines. The related action plan was submitted to the attention of relevant authorities and was received with great interest.
The Transnational Guide towards an Optimal WAter REgime (GOWARE) was designed as a Decision Support Tool, enabling the selection of best management practices to improve the drinking water protection and flood risk mitigation. After national testing, it can be stated that the tool has already reached an adequate level of maturity to be used reliably by different types of users.
The DriFLU Charta (Drinking water/Floods/Land use) - as a document which indicates the necessary steps in the future in each participating country - also contains “Courses of action” on both transnational and national levels. The presentation and signing of the Charta, done by notable representatives of each partner country during the Final Conference gives hope for carrying on the project outputs and give input to further EU guidelines and strategies, such as the EU Water Framework Directive, the Drinking Water Directive, the Groundwater Directive and the Floods Directive.

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PROLINE-CE partnership comprises 13 financing partners and 5 associated partners, originating from 8 central European countries.


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