This is the project overall deliverable documentation which shows all completed outputs and main deliverables of all thematic work packages (T1 - T4) and all completed deliverables related to the work package Communication.


Tools (1)

WP T3 - Synopsis

Strategies/Action Plans (3)

WP T1 - Capitalization

  • Output O.T1.2: Strategy for the improvement of policy guidelines - Document 

WP T2 - Pilots

  • Output O.T2.4: Action plan for adaptation of existing land use and flood/drought management practices - download

WP T4 - Advancement

  • Output O.T4.2: DriFLU Charta (DRInkingwater/Floods/Land Use) - Document

Pilot Actions (3)

WP T2 - Pilots

Trainings (14)

WP T1 - Capitalization

WP T4 - Advancement

  • Output O.T4.1: Stakeholder operationalisation workshop series - Documentation


WP T1 - Capitalisation

The Deliverable D.T.1.3.2 refers to the implementation of the start-up stakeholder workshops (Output).

WP T2 - Pilots

WP T3 - Synopsis

  • D.T3.1.1: Analytic report about potential public services of sustainable land use - document
  • D.T3.1.2: Catalogue of measures and possibilities for funding ecosystem services - document

  • D.T3.2.1: Roadmap to transnational adaptation for integrated land use - document
  • D.T3.2.2: Transnational adaptation plan for integrated land use managemen - document

  • D.T3.3.1: Local application: recommendation of optimal structures for sustaiable land use - document

WP T4 - Advancement

  • D.T4.1.1: Compilation of delineated objectives for sustainable function-orented land use management - document
  • D.T4.1.2: Draft compilation of necessary inputs for the DriFLU Charta - document

  • D.T4.2.2: Stakeholder dialogue / round table 01 in Ljubljana - compilation
  • D.T4.2.4: operationalisation stakeholder workshops, one in each partner country - compilation
  • D.T4.2.5: Stakeholder dialogue / round table 02 in Budapest - compilation
  • D.T4.2.6: Lessons learnt: summary report of PROLINE-CE participatory processes - report

  • D.T4.3.1: Preparation report for DriFLU Charta - report
  • D.T4.3.2: Conclusive report about the publication of the DriFLU Charta - report
  • D.T4.3.3: Set-up of relevant follow-up activities - document

WP C - Communication

  • D.C.3.8: Partner-/pilot-specific publications
    • Zip-file showing all related pilot action specific documents - download HERE

  • D.C.4.4: Partner-/pilot action-specific public events presenting T2 outcomes
  • D.C.5.5: Partner-specific targeted events presenting project outcomes