Croatian Waters, Croatia

Associated Partner 16

Croatian waters is a legal entity for water management in Republic of Croatia, established by the Water Act. The institution is public, responsible for managing water and public water estate, protective and hydro-ameliorative water structures. Croatian waters is divided in two basic organizational units: the Head Office and water management departments (WMDs). The Head Office is divided into departments, services and the Water Management Institute, as well as units and the Central Water Management Laboratory, and the central Flood Defence Centre. Croatian waters provides direct expert, technical, economic and legal assistance to municipal users in defining, preparing, and implementing projects of varying complexity.

 Main activities of the company regarding water management are protection against harmful effects of water, water use, water environment protection and irrigation. Many years of experience in water management, safeguarding the protection and functioning of the water system, will certainly ensure better implementation of PROLINE-CE project tasks. It is planned to actively involve Croatian Waters in all stages of development, from the preparation of tender documents and defining the terms of reference, through active participation in the drafting process to a later harmonization and adoption by executive and representative government. They will also be involved in all expert tasks, with special regard to preparation and distribution of needed data available in their databases, as well as interpretations, creating reports and participating project workshops.

Contact Person: Daria Čupić