Regional Water Management Board (Warsaw, Cracow, Gliwice, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Szczecin, Poznan), Poland

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The Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw manages the area of 111.000 km² (it is about 1/3 of the territory of Poland). The region includes a part of the Vistula river basin (the region of the middle Vistula river) and parts of water regions Jarft, Świeża, Łyna, Węgorapa i Niemen. The Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw manages also 29 rivers, which are 3.000 km long.

The most significant facilities administered by the Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw are Dębe Water Reservoir, Włocławek Water Reservoir, Brody Iłżeckie Water Reservoir, Wióry Water Reservoir, Sulejów Water Reservoir, Żerański Canal, Augustowski Canal, encompassing facilities on the area of the Great Masurian Lakes.

At present the Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw implements projects part-financed by the European Union:

* "Ecotones for reducing diffuse pollution."

* "Ecological safety of the Włocławek dam: modernisation of the dam in Włocławek and improvement of flood safety for the Włocławek Reservoir."

* "Construction and purchase of the technical floating sets to meet the navigation security on the Great Masurian Lakes - adaptation to the signs for round-the-clock navigation."

Regional Water Management Board will act as an active observer of PROLINE-CE and is simultaneously a final beneficiary of the project outcomes. It will help National Water Management Authority in translating transnational scope of the project into local frame.

Contact Person: Krzysztof Sulikowski