Regional Agency for Prevention, Environment and Energy in Emilia-Romagna, Technical Directorate and Hydro-Meteo-Climate Service, Italy

Project Partner 9

Arpae is the Regional Agency for Prevention, Environment and Energy of Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Key goals are controlling the state of the environment and supporting the sustainability of human activities, aiming at the protection of human health and territorial competitiveness.

In Proline-CE project Arpae will be involved with 2 different departments: HydroMeteoClimate Service (Hydrology Area) and Technical Management Division (Regional Water Systems Thematic Centre).

Hydrology Area tasks include hydrological, hydraulic and water balance real-time monitoring and forecasting over Emilia-Romagna Region and Po river basin, as well as observing networks management and maintenance, institutional public services for civil protection and water management. The Hydrology Area is the National Centre of Competence in Hydrology within the Italian Civil Protection Department. Regional Water Systems Thematic Centre tasks include supporting the regional planning in monitoring rivers and data collection and reporting.

Main activity assigned to Arpae within PROLINE-CE Project is the detection of best practices in Po river basin based upon EU, National and Regional Laws and Rules. The best practices for water resources management in the Po river basin pilot case will be demonstrated  in permanent regime and during water scarcity occurrences; in the first case, taking into account the Po basin Water Balance Plan evidences,  the possibility of withdrawals permission/interdiction will be considered; in the second case the behavior of the “Po Basin Advisory Board” in managing extreme events of water scarcity and droughts, trying to satisfy all stakeholder needs (hydropower, agriculture, drinking water, recreational, ...) with the minimum losses/suffering will be analyzed. Hydrologic/hydraulic modeling will support the best practices analysis taking into account climate change and land use scenarios for the next 50-100 years.

Contact Person: Silvano Pecora