A study trip reported through videos and social media

In order to launch a communication campaign for Peripheral Access, Elsa, as IVY project partner, traveled through Central Europe to meet with the partners and experience herself transport facilities in rural and suburban areas. She documented her journey, experiences and meetings through posts on social media and videos.

The trip started on the 15th of June - 10 days - 1 camera - 5 interviews


Interview in Kumberg, in the surroundings of Graz - June 2018 // Video about kordis JMK

The first step was to meet with partners from Kordis JMK, hearing about their activities in the frame of Peripheral Access. As most of the impacts will be in Znojmo, the next stop was at this small city at the border with Austria. Next she discovered the stakes of rural mobility in the surroundings of Graz thanks to the partners from the Regionalmanagement office of the Steirischer Zentralraum region. Then, still heading south, she visited Ljubljana and the different mobility projects going on there, in collaboration with the Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region and met the partners from Trieste Trasporti and Venice Universiti in Trieste to interview them about the main motivations to improve Intelligent Transport Systems with ICT. The last stop was in Lubin, where the partner from Lubin Powiat presented her the main projects of the region for economic and mobility development and how Peripheral Access is actually bringing an added-value to it.

After the edition of some videos, a Youtube channel has been set up: Peripheral Access Interreg CE