Pilot Actions Presentation

On 20 February 2020, our Project Partner from Czech Republic, organized the event, where the Pilot Actions of ARTISTIC Project were presented.

During the event also the Smolenka and Flower Farm were presented and additionally, some info about their campaigns.


One of the point of event was a presentation of South Bohemian Tourism Association. It is an organization supporting the South Bohemian region which plays an important role in coordinating and managing tourism in the region. In particular, it provides support for domestic and inbound tourism and performs the function of regional destination management in southern Bohemia. Its task is to create, manage, coordinate and develop an attractive tourist offer of the region, and then present it on the domestic and foreign market.


Smolenka produces cream with spruce. Their ointment and cream meet the safety requirements specified in regulation (EC) No1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on cosmetic products. They have been treated with expert opinions on the health of cosmetic products for which the National Institute of Health has carried out the necessary laboratory tests.


Ms. Vrhelová studied garden architecture and she loves nature. She would love to set up a business in a field that she likes but it is hard. She wants to plant flowers in the local surroundings, because most of the flowers are imported from abroad and she wants to bring the local not only meadow flowers to people. That's why she want to start her own crowdfunding campaign.