Lasowiacy is an ethnographic group living in the areas of south-eastern Poland, the ubiquitous forest influenced their whole life, their classes, food, clothing, and beliefs.

The rich lasowiak design has become the leitmotif of the activities of the Ga Mon Foundation. The heart of this brand is lasowiak embroidery, which is the main inspiration for projects. The foundation shows the beauty and richness of the aforementioned culture by presenting it in contemporary trends. The combination of tradition with a modern "look" at the pattern, style, and colors means that everyone can find something for themselves in the assortment. Stylizations kept in the canvas of the Lasowiak tradition have become a contribution to the wide promotion of the tradition and customs of the Lasowicki culture by participating in numerous projects, organizing fashion shows in Poland and abroad, and extensive social media activities. The aim of the Foundation is to promote culture and art, and education. Atelier GA MON associates creative people, but above all it gives employment opportunities. People who struggled with unemployment were found in the Foundation. Currently, the Foundation consists of a team of four.

In order to develop its activity, the foundation takes part in a campaign implemented as part of the ARTISTIC project. Depending on the amount collected, the Foundation has set three goals. The main goal is to raise funds for the purchase of an embroidery machine. The goals set by the foundation are as follows:

•    25 000 PLN collected - purchase of an embroidery machine;
•    35 000 PLN collected - the funds raised will be used for purchaising of the machine and to  support the creation of a new spring-summer 2020 collection with the Lasowiak motif, designed by Justyna Wesolowska;
•    45 000 PLN collected- the Foundation will use money to purchase the machine, prepare the collection, and to organize fashion show on the rafts, where donators will be invited.

Of course, some prizes for donators are prepared. Depending on the donated amount ofmoney you'll get:

•    10 PLN and more - official, personal thanks on the Foundation's fanpage and website;
•    29 PLN and more - you will receive an e-card with the Lasowiak motif by e-mail;
•    49 PLN and more - preparation of graphics with name and surname or logo and e-card;
•    59 PLN and more - "lasowiackie serce" application, which can be sewn on or stuck onto clothing, etc. In addition, the donor will receive official thanks on the fanpage and the website. The application can be picked up in person or sent by post. When choosing the postal option, the shipment fee is PLN 3;
•    139 PLN and more - when the campaignends, the employees of the Foundation will embroider a lasowiacki motif on your shirt;
•    199 PLN and more - eco bag with a lasowiack motif (personal collection or shipment by post +10 PLN per shipment);
•    299 PLN and more - clothes chosen by you (clothes sew by thefoundation, with lsowiak motif on it);
•    499 PLN and more - voucher to be used for sewing workshops at the Ga monheadquarter;
•    999 PLN and more - the title of the main Supporter of the project, name and surname or logo placed during the activities promoting the project and on the sponsor board of the purchased embroidery machine, logo placed on the fashion show, logo placed in promotional materials after the campaign.