The federal government and Deutsche Bahn Railways (DB) are strengthening rail with another 11 billion euros - for active climate protection in transport.

17th February 2020

On the basis of the Federal Government's 2030 climate protection program, additional federal funds amounting to 11 billion euros will be made available by 2030 to strengthen the railways. The necessary measures are laid down in a declaration of intent between the federal government and Deutsche Bahn. These bring more capacity, quality, a more attractive rail and thus more climate protection in traffic.

The total of EUR 11 billion will be used exclusively for infrastructure measures. Half of these are to be paid out for the increases in equity of federal rail infrastructure companies and half for grants. This will further strengthen the financial stability of the infrastructure and the competitiveness of the sector.

rail freight


The funds are to be used in the following four areas:

1) Robust network (4 billion): Investments in signal boxes, small and medium-sized measures on overloaded railroads and for the realization of stages of the Deutschlandtakt, route electrification for the freight railways, infrastructure for alternative drives and investments in terminals for combined transport, train formation systems and the connection of sidings.
2) Digital rail (4 billion): Additional funds for the "starter package" as well as the area rollout of the European control and security technology ETCS and digital signal boxes. Investments in digital rail technologies.
3) Attractive train stations (1 billion): Numerous measures are being funded to improve the quality of the train stations as well as for accessibility, fire protection and the condition of reception buildings.
4) Self-sufficient infrastructure measures (2 billion): expansion of DB's engagement, among others for more quality and capacity within the "strong rail”.

The funds to be raised as equity capital are still subject to the state aid coordination with the European Commission. 
The payment of all funds is subject to the decision of the budget legislator