Dana Sitanyiova: We are on track!

Pilot activities are part of the project RUMOBIL that will bring the greatest benefit to local communities where they are implemented. Dana Sitanyiova from the University of Žilina coordinates these eight pilot projects.

Dana Sitanyiova is an Assistant professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Zilina and has great experience in working on EU projects. Since the year 2000 she is in charge of the implementation of European projects at its faculty. This is her first project located on the INTERREG Central Europe. On the experience of working on RUMOBIL, she says:

Dana Sitanyiova from the University of Žilina, photo by Nina Šarčević

Dana Sitanyiova from the University of Žilina

-My role is to coordinate activities in the pilot projects and that gives me a lot of satisfaction. Planning pilot projects has been launched and now our most important job is to define as many stakeholders for each pilot project and choose a partner who will participate in the whole process of unwinding the pilot projects. The next step is the implementation of pilot projects in each region that will last until August 2018. I think that will be the most interesting part of the project facing the public, because many activities will take place on the ground and wide circle of people will find out about RUMOBIL and feel the benefits of pilot projects. The partners that implement them now face a great challenge because that what they planned will now be checked on the ground as a new solution to improve public transport in the rural areas. We will then all together analyze the results, compare them, assess their cost-effectiveness (Feasibility) and utility and put as the recommendations in the strategy.

Looking at everything we have done, my assessment is that we are on track.

Text by Vlatka Škorić