RURES pilot investment in the County of Medjimurje - Energy efficient administrative building in Čakovec

Several solutions for the enhancement of energy efficiency and implementation of the renewable energy sources in the public building in Čakovec have been foreseen. The public building in which the pilot investment will be made is the building where both MENEA and REDEA are situated in and is a publicly accessible and high frequented office building. 

The mentioned pilot measures include smart metering system for all energy sources used in the building (electricity, heat) as well as water consumption. The metering system includes monitoring, implementation of alarm systems and partially control of energy and water consumption in entire building with real time measurement and management. Lighting system in the entire building will also be refurbished and modernised by installation of new LED based technology with new luminaries in all rooms and corridors in the building as well as controllers and managing devices (switch sensors) that will ensure partially control of lightning. By installation of the solar collector system for hot water and heating support on the roof of the building the RES component of the pilot action will be ensured. As a final touch in enhancement of energy efficiency of the entire building, new kitchen appliances with energy class A+++ will be bought and installed.

Estimated cost for this holistic enhancement of energy efficiency and installation of renewable energy sources in the mentioned public building is around 33.000,00 €.