Development agency Sinergija

The Agency was Established on February 1998. DA Sinergija is non-profit and non-government organization; body governed by public law with legal status of non-profit Ltd owned by founders municipalities & chambers, located in Slovenia, Pomurje region. 

The Sinergija Development coalition / partnership consist of:

            - 11 Municipalities

            -  JAPTI, Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments

            - Employment office

            - part of Regional Development Agency

            - Chambers (commerce, crafts, agriculture)

            - National platform for sustainable mobility

            - Clusters (Energy cluster, ENIDO group)

Regional Development Agency Sinergija is also project partner in project SEAP Alps, which is implemented in the framework of Alpine Space programme. We have a lot of experiences regarding local energy concept and sustainable energy action plan. During the project we trained the trainers about action tool and methodology how to prepare a good SEAP document. Local authorities are having the opportunities to do an action plan with measures based on energy efficiency and renewable energy. The local authority having the main role to reduce emissions and with project activities we, as agency gave them support. Through projects we organized the 6-local working meeting in each municipality, where we discussed about measures based on energy efficiency. During the project we also prepare for pilot municipality the action plan for investment. We are small region and we have 27 municipalities, where our cooperation and communication is very well. Our experiences and competence dictate that we can share good practices among other partners and other municipalities.