Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (MENEA)

Medjimurje Energy Agency ltd. (acronym MENEA) was established in year 2008 as a part of the EU project „Creation of energy agencies in Lleida (ES), Medjimurje (HR) and Montpellier (FR)“financed from Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE). Agency establishment was initiated by County of Medjimurje (MENEA's single owner) and Regional development agency REDEA.

The main objective of MENEA is to provide high quality support for activities regarding Rational Use of Energy (RUE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in County of Medjimurje in order to satisfy information, technical and other needs of public and private sector. Those activities include providing information and advice regarding energy through information and promotion channels, i.e. website, organizing seminars and workshops, projects implementation and through everyday direct contact with citizens and business community. Since the establishment of MENEA, it had several successfully implemented projects. All of the implemented projects that were funded by EU were so through Cross-border cooperation programme between Slovenia and Croatia (IR-OVE, BIOREGIO, EUpeR).

Currently, MENEA is implementing three EU funded projects. Two of them are funded through Interreg Central Europe programme – RURES and Dynamic Light. One of the EU funded project is being implemented with the financial help from Interreg Cross-border cooperation between Hungary and Croatia (EE SUN). Together with a wide scope of different project partners, we are continuously applying new project ideas on various open calls of EU financing programmes. Apart from EU funded projects, MENEA has implemented several projects that were funded by national funds (installation of renewable energy sources in private households, enhancement of energy efficiency in private households, development of several regional energy action plans, programmes and SEAPs,broadband infrastructure documentation preparation, integrated passenger transport documentation preparation...). MENEA also acted as a technical assistance to the investor when applying the HR GEOc Geothermae project to European commissions’ NER300 programme. We had a great role in completing the application and, after the project received the award, we are still helping the investor in implementation of activities and with communication to national and EU relevant bodies.