Pałecznica is a rural municipality located in Malopolska Region, 40 km to the North from Krakow, around 3700 inhabitants, it covers 48km2.

Pałecznica is very active in fields of EE, RES and water treatment. PV installations for public and private buildings, heat pumps, private water treatment and ICT projects were implemented by the municipality.

Through RURES implementation there is expected increasing of EE and future promotion of RES, especially in respect of undertakings implemented so far by municipality. The main goal is to find the best solution for connection of PV installation with water treatment systems.

Pałecznica has experience in other projects:

  • co-financed by Małopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007 - 2013: 1. ‘Alternative energy sources for environment protection in Pałecznica Municipality’, total budget: 500 000€, finalized with 7 PV installations on public buildings); 2. ‘Air protection in Pałecznica through RES use in public buildings heating systems, budget: 413 750€, 4 heat pumps were installed; 3. ‘ICT infrastructure in Pałecznica - increasing accessibility of public administration’, budget: 175 750 €, comprehensive ICT installation in Municipality Hall.

  • co-financed by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD): 1. ‘Ground water protection through individual wastewater treatment systems, modernization of water constructions (pump-rooms) and new equipment for waterworks’, stage I with budget 1 210 000€ for 334 systems for private households, stage II: 159 000€, 39 systems and new water distribution network were done. 2. ‘Prosument - micro PV installations in Pałecznica’, budget: 185 000€, installation of 17 PV systems on private buildings (total: 59,5 kW) and 3 systems on public buildings (52,5 kW).